Malaga, day 2

This morning we discovered that despite being January the rooftop pool was open! Perhaps we’ll try it before the week is over!

We took the number 35 again, but nearly to the end of the route. We walked 12,000 paces from Avenue Andalucia along the river estuary to the port.

We rested in a square startled by squawking and looked up to see parrots in the palms above.

From there we continued along the port boardwalk.

Chapel of the Port of Malaga

Erected as an oratory in 1531 further out in the port area, but moved closer inland, brick by brick in 1719 and inaugurated as a chapel a few years later. It was used to say mass for seamen who were often extremely religious due in part to their dangerous profession. It’s a very old building and when juxtaposed against the modernity of Malaga Port, seems oddly out of place, yet all the more beautiful. 

There are many gardens and palm-lined streets and shady bowers in Malaga, this is one running parallel to the main drag, Passeo de Parque is the main road with the 35 bus route, alongside which runs the tranquil parque de Malaga.

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