Day 8 Shark Bay, Carnarvon, & the Parkerville Tavern

749718BA-E231-4DCE-8428-2634DF8D731FPeter’s bag, day 8


Took a swim in Shark Bay (really), then a long lunch of veggie stir fry (again) admiring the beautiful azure sea (still no shark).

Stopped briefly at Carnarvon on the flight home. I would have liked to have stayed there & visited Ewing Place. There were two extremely cute young kangaroos in travel boxes, also offloaded for refuelling.

In the evening Lucy drove us to the 121 year old Parkerville Tavern we could have walked the 10 minutes through the bush but I’m nervous about the many varieties of lethal snakes. We drank Rob’s favourite Cab Shiraz “Skuttlebutt”.

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