Day 5, Siem Reap to KL to Perth

Hand-luggage day 5 (Siem Reap)

Time for a swim, then off to the airport. Flights on time, and then a search for our friend’s duty free challenge in a nearly dry airport at KL – single malt. We also quite fancied a beer! Caught the train between terminals at the advice of airport staff (they seemed used to this request) in search of KL’s only bar, and found a pleasant spots bar; unfortunately the laptop didn’t survive the 1 meter drop from my bar stool – thus the delay on the blog update!

We found some good whisky which we had to have delivered to our gate, for packing off with us untouched (we weren’t about to!) onto our flight for Perth. Another straightforward flight and our Kiwi friends were there to meet us as the last arrival of the night landed, just after 1am! Looking great (them, not us).

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