Day 13 -1 day as we crossed the International Date Line


We had a very early arrival in Auckland; I hadn’t slept since the day before yesterday, and hauled up in a quiet-ish corner – too tired for words for the Day 12 blog; but even from the airport we could reminisce about the NZ scenery and our Christmas 2006 stay with the Stradling clan.

We crossed the International Date line from Wednesday to Tuesday (again) whilst we luxuriated across ” seats with NZ “can-do” foot attachments that opened into a full-size bed aka “Sky couch” in a sparsely occupied economy!

Transferred between planes at Papeeté; Tahiti for Bora Bora – perhaps the only airport besides the sea where one then transfers via powerboat to one’s accommodation? We’re at the Intercontinental Le Moana; Matira Point.

So strange to FacTime the girls from Auckland Wednesday before they were asleep (school was “boring”) their Tuesday evening; then after our Tuesday evening supper; before they went to school their Wednesday (school will be “boring”) over our Tuesday (again) breakfast. There are far worse places than to have a Ground Hog Day experience!

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