Day 14 – Bora Bora

Guest blogger – Peter

I have been invited to be the guest blogger today. For those who don’t know me, I’m the chap in the Panama hat in the photos. (I find this helps to easily distinguish me as an English tourist.)

Our daughter thinks that “Bora Bora is for those who have done their adventuring”. To be fair it’s probably not ever going to be a backpacker destination. For one thing, everything here is frighteningly expensive – most food has to be imported and some of it is clearly from France, especially the wine (excellent, naturally).

But it is incredibly beautiful with densely forested volcanic peaks, white coral sands and turquoise waters. We’re staying in an over-water bungalow with an idyllic view across the lagoon. Inside, there’s a glass table over a hole in the floor so you can see the fish below. And the glass slides back so you can feed them. (Who thought of that?)  There are a number of species including a large blue bottom dweller, little black and white stripy ones and a pipefish which swam up along the surface last night.

So, not a very adventurous day, I suppose, with a stroll along the beach, a beer in a beach café, a quick dip in the pool and dinner at the Lucky House ( just outside the hotel – excellent pizza from a wood-fired oven with French quantities of garlic!  But after visiting Angkor Wat, Shark Bay and Uluru in quick succession followed by six flights, I think that’s probably enough adventure for one day!



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